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The SOG platform allows you to easily start a consultation process, following five simple steps:
No technical knowledge is required. Just follow these simple instructions, fill in your personal information, state your medical condition, and have your secure account up and running in no time. Learn more about our Patient Confidentiality Policy.
Our team consists of highly professional experts, carefully handpicked to ensure the best medical care. Choose the physician most suitable for your specific condition to consult your case.
Following the registration process we will ask you to fill out a Medical History Questionnaire regarding your medical condition. The questionnaire includes descriptions of symptoms and previous treatments. Providing us with comprehensive descriptions will allow your physician to assess your condition and provide you with an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan.
In order for your expert to assess your primary diagnosis, please upload all the medical documentation related to it. If some records are not in your possession, you can easily contact your treating physician using our Medical Record Request Form. Please note that all medical images (CT scans, MRIs, X-Rays etc.), must be in electronic form when preparing to upload and send. If you encounter difficulty uploading any files, simply follow our easy Tutorial or contact us.
Recognizing how urgent second opinions are, we guarantee to deliver your second opinion within days from the moment we receive the complete request. To ensure you are always on top of things, you will be able to directly communicate with your expert throughout the process, using your personal Expert Wall, as well as 30 days after receiving your second opinion. Learn more about the Expert Wall.
Three months into the process, there was no evidence for disease recurrence, ...
Had she chosen the primary surgery option, Yulia would have faced a long and ...