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Meet Yulia

Yulia is a 25 year old from Krasnoyarsk. She is in good health, exercises on a regular basis and didn't expected to get ill in such young age.  
Case Overview:
3 year ago, Yulia was diagnosed with a adrenal gland tumor. Her physician recommended to wait and stay under surveillance making sure the is no change in the tumor,  that requires surgery medical procedure. Unfortunately, the tumor grow to a point that it had to be removed. After consulting a few specialists, they all agreed ther is a need for an open radical procedure with estimated recovery period of several months.
Facing what might be a life-changing decision, and feeling unsure with thier decision, Yulia decided to seek a second opinion. Consulting with close friends and family , Yulia heard on Second Opinion Group, second opinion from israeli specialists.
Second Opinion Experience:
Yulia contacted Second Opinion Group, and selected Dr. Zohar Dotan, head of the Uro-Oncology Clinic at Chaim Sheba Medical Center. After sending her medical records Dr. Dotan reviewed Yulia's medical records. In her second opinion report, Dr. Dotan confirmed the primary diagnosis but suggested different treatment plan. He recommended a far less invasive cutting edge procedure, using robotic surgery that allows less painless and shorter recovery period.
Had she chosen the primary surgery option, Yulia would have faced a long and painful recovery. Following Dr. Dotan’s recommendations, she arrived to Israel for the surgery. During the procedure, Yulia suffered no pain and enjoyed a fast recovery.  Only 5 days after the surgery she returned to Krasnoyarsk and went back to her normal routine. 
Three months into the process, there was no evidence for disease recurrence, allowing Yulia to return to normal life.
Boris's Story
Three months into the process, there was no evidence for disease recurrence, allowing Boris to return to normal life.