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Medical history
Medical history
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Fill out a medical history questionnaire
The questionnaire will record your medical condition, including descriptions of symptoms and previous treatments. Providing us with comprehensive descriptions will allow your physician to assess your condition and provide you with an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan.
After answering the questionnaire, click “Finish and Submit” to send your medical history questionnaire to your physician.
Upload medical history records
In order for your expert to assess your primary diagnosis, please upload all the medical documentation related to it. If some records are not in your possession, you can easily contact your treating physician using our medical record request form
After uploading all medical files, click “Finish and Submit” to send your medical records to your physician.
Upload radiology images
Please upload all relevant medical images (CT, MRI, X-Ray, Ultrasound etc.) and your radiology findings report.
If you encounter difficulty uploading any files, simply follow our easy tutorial or contact us.
After uploading all medical files, click “Finish and Submit” to send your medical images to your physician.
Send pathological specimen
In some cases, we may ask you to upload your pathology findings report and send us surgical pathology slides, before determining your course of treatment. Clinically testing these specimens help us to expose significant errors that may have a direct impact on a patient’s care and treatment options. Click here to print our mailing label or contact us for assistance.
After uploading all medical files, click “Finish and Submit” to send them to your physician.
After updating the shipping tracking number for your pathological specimen, click “Finish and Submit” so we can track your shipping and update your physician.
Expert wall
Using your personal Expert Wall, you will be able to directly communicate with your expert throughout the process, as well as 30 days after receiving your second opinion. Learn more about the Expert Wall.