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Evaluation & Referral Program
Second opinion Group offers a complete care program for all patients. We provide a transparent, comprehensive, medical evaluation and referral service at no additional cost.
Your second pinion report will confirm your diagnosis and help understanding treatment options. Medical evaluation is a critical phase in prioritize next steps and building a personalized treatment plan. The right Evaluation may have major impact on your health and will help you achieve better outcomes
Second Opinion Group will work with your physician to build a step-by-step treatment plan and may consult various experts that will be involved in different aspects of the medical process.
We are here to ensure our patients will have all options available before making an important medical decision. Second Opinion Group will coordinate meetings and discussions between your physician and other medical specialists involved in the assessment of the case and the planning of treatment. Meeting will be done by tele-conference and video conference.
In some cases, Second Opinion Group will assist in identifying the most suitable specialist for referral of complex medical problems. 
Second opinion Group is independent, global medical services provider. We are working with the best medical tourism partners that can facilitate logistics of travel arrangements.
Our Referral Program partners will guarantee peace of mind and take care of the accommodation, scheduling of appointments, accompanying the patient and interpreters, facilitate consultations, tests and surgery preparation before your arrival.