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We offer quick and easy access to our experts, maximum availability and personal guidance every step of the way, ensuring you make the right decision.   
Facing an important medical decision, most people are not aware of the importance of getting a second opinion. An accurate diagnosis is crucial for getting the correct treatment and avoiding potentially fatal medical errors.
Those who do seek a second opinion soon realize that finding the most suitable expert for their condition is highly challenging. Having to verify subspecialties, qualifications and credentials makes the task complicated. In many cases getting a second opinion also involves traveling abroad, which adds unnecessary expenses.
Other problems include long waits for appointments, potentially worsening the patient’s condition, and above all having no control over the process.  
Our mission is to improve healthcare by connecting patients worldwide with world leading physicians specializing in their particular condition. Using a smart and secure web based platform, we allow a direct and easy access to our network of physicians who consult each case and provide a second opinion and comprehensive treatment options. And as time often plays a crucial role in the diagnosis process, results are delivered within only days, rather than weeks or months.
Throughout the process we provide all patients with personal guidance, ensuring they make the best and most informed decisions.  That way, everyone could enjoy better outcomes for a reasonable price, regardless of geographical location.
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